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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  July 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland at 4:30. >> the mood is tense this morning. will republicans and democrats come to a compromise on the debt limit and why some are comparing washington to kindergarten. >> [audio not understandable] >> hear from a young mom who got the scare of her life. what happened and how she and her baby are coping. we are live at arundels mills mall. i will have more on the harry potter mania coming newspaper good morning. i am joce sterman in for megan pringle and charley crowson. let's start with a check on this weekend's forecast with meteorologist justin berk. how is it looking? >> looking okay. good morning to you. in honor of you joining us,
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jeff the first person to check in who has been up since last night. it's his evening. i would like to say good morning to him e gets off at 6:30 and might wash the car and you know we will be dry for the weekend. might be a good day to do that. we are looking at temperatures comfortable. we are mid-60s, perry hall owings mills, 59 the cool spot in woodbine and back in the upper 60s by the chesapeake bay. we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. a uv index back up into the extreme range a fair a sunshine. we will talk about the weekend outlook coming up. now the first look at traffic with tonya. >> reporter: starting out with great news. we are accident free. baltimore city and baltimore county is accident free. jfx at northern parkway. light traffic out there. oncoming traffic is southbound heading downtown. nothing in your way. 95 northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel, a disabled vehicle in the road. it's in the right lane of the
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right tube. also, inner tube we have debris in the road and roadwork 95 southbound at 395 to washington boulevard. joce. >> one of our top stories this morning, a late night shooting level two security officers in serious condition. it happened in the 2800 block of matthews street in northeast baltimore. two armed security guards were making rounds at the oak hill town house and came up on a small group of people and a fight broke out. police say one of the officers, a woman, was shot in the eye and the male officer took a shot to the chest. investigation is ongoing. stay tuned for "good morning maryland" at five and six for the latest details. a family dog is dead but was it self-defense or unnecessary? shamus was shot in the head after he ran out the house towards another dog. patrick magruder says he went out the door when he was
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unloaded groceries. when he got too close a. man pulled out a gun. victim says he tried to get away but was forced to act in self-defense. >> it's known from talking to other people that dog had aggressive tendenceies. >> it is a sad ending to see the dog lay there dead but i mean,people need to protect themselves. >> the magruder says their dog posed no threat and they are trying to get a restraining order against the shooter. a young mom toke -- speaking out after she was car jacked after she was car jacked. she was at gas station and her baby in the back seat of her lexus. terron white jumped in and drove away leading the police to a-- on a chase. the young mom had her baby in her arms and unbuckled her seat belt and jumped. >>i was scared to jump out. i am like if i hit the ground wrong and my armlets go my baby
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will roll and hit his head. so i pushed the door open anjumped out. >> reporter: she suffered a bum -- >> she suffered a bum on her head but she and her baby will be okay. eight people have been charged with smuggling heroin from gonna to virginia -- ghana to virginia. the drug trafficking ring recruited citizens living here legally in the u.s. to act as couriers. they smuggled heroin up and down the east coast. agents arrested the others in ghana and they are expected to be brought back to the u.s. to face drug charges. kids in salisbury will be getting more than an education starting next month. a program will provide free vitamins to elementary school kids. the program is coordinated by the riverside pharmacy and parents are go to the pharmacy directory or to the -- directly or to the doctor's office. they first have to fill out a questionnaire. fans have been waiting years for this. the 8th and final installment
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of the harry potter series harry potter and the deathly halos part 2 opened at midnight. sherrie johnson joins us live with more on the people waiting out. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. we are here live at aropedel mills mall. all is quiet right now. but earlier, it was packed with fans. they were all dressed up in costumes and glasses. they were ready to see the movie it's one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. it's the 8th and final installment in the harry potter series and it opened at midnight and fans have been waiting anxiously to see it. theaters were jammed with fans that bought tickets weeks ago for the special showing. many fans followed the harry potter series from the first year with the sourcer stone to year 7 where we find out what happens to harry potter and some of the people that work here just told me they have been here all night. they said they have 24 theaters
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and the midnight showing they said it completely sold out. they said they had huge lines out here and it was crazy. the movie set a record with 25 million dollars in advance ticket sales and the first 7 film in the harry potter franchise made 6.4 billion dollars. so, definitely a huge anticipation here. many people waiting to see the movie. we are told a lot of people are still in a 3:00 showing and they should be out about 5 a.m. hopefully we can catch up with some of the people as they come out to see what they thought. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. 3 a.m. show? that's crazy. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will have to fight to keep her job with a handful of candidates running against her. otis rolley is raising money for his campaign. we will tell you about the maryland delicacy he's using to draw in donation. could players return to
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training camp on time? you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. ÷x#
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my "good morning maryland" at 4:30. campaigns in baltimore's mayoral race is underway and otis rolley is using a delicacy to raise funds. the crab feast takes place tonight beginning 579 and is open to the public. coopt to -- come to captain james landing and it's 60 bucks per person and it's all you can eat. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. time to show love and respect for some of you up early this morning and for those on the eastern shore. we will start off a with temperatures. some of the coolest spot on the eastern shore. calm winds and 61. how about that no heat index.
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that's a good thing. checking out other numbers. cambridge at 57 that's one of the coldest spots in the state. fed ralsburg elementary at 61. at the fire department good morning to you. it's 62. and officially 63 in easton. 65 in baltimore. 66 up towards york, p.a. and 60s by ocean city. we will talk about your weather coming up. looking at temperatures going close to 70 by 8 or 9 in the -- 8 or -- 8 or 9 in the morning. i want to say good morning to marla who gives hugs every morning. we have got kathleen on her way to photography class shoot. flowers at wildlife management area you have a great day and also dorei you saw a beautiful full moon and we will share that picture. someone sent that in to me. we will put that up in a moment. let's see what's happening on the roads and check in with tonya. >> reporter: we are actually doing okay. 95 northbound is opened with no
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problems. looking at the jfx at cold spring, no problems here. southbound traffic with a few cars heading downtown. nothing in your way. we do have debris in the road, the inner loop at the harrisburg expressway. be careful. roadwork 95 southbound after 395 to washington boulevard. >> thanks. a great event this weekend in honor of our soldiers. a 3-day, 400 mile personal water craft ride to benefit injured soldiers. the event is responseored by the eastern pennsylvania river runers a local chapter of the american water craft association. they hope to raise 3,000 dollars for injured soldiers. eye starts a sandy point state pardon in a couple minutes. leaders are no closer to a solution and with tensions running high, the debt talks are continuing. and now some are comparing washington to kindergarten with insults and profanity and more. who is saying what. that's up next. and casey anthony's bank account growing while in jail.
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reason you won't want to miss. 4:41 you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at #:30 a.m. 4:30 a.m.
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five things to know before you leave. weil we have been living with the headaches for weeks but there's more you need to know about the traffic for the baltimore grand prix and today is the last chance to get the scoop. the city's department of transportation will host the last open meeting. head to the tremont grand hotel from 11 to one to get the answers. you will be able to see the darling of the republican party on the big screen soon. sarah palin's movie opens todaych the film details the former governor's rise to fame. and find it at amc theaters across the country. his lawyers say they need more time but a judge has begin the green light for the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. he is accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions to help him hide an affair
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during his unsuccessful bid for the white house back in 2008. his attorneys wanted to push the trial back to january but a judge said yesterday they should be ready to go in october. in the weeks since casey anthony was found not guilty in the killing of her daughter, her bank account has been boosted. donors from as far away from canada has been sending money to her account. her account has gone from 264 dollars to nearly 500 bucks in the days since the verdict. she is scheduled to be released on sunday. and good news for footballfans. there's hope and agreement in principle. could be coming in the nfl labor talks. marathon talks yesterday, there's been significant progress on a major sticking point which is soaring rookie salaries. but be warned they have moved ahead on some issues, there are a few other key points that need to be hashed out. the sky is the limit for the insults the taunts and temper tanned tantrums by the debt
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ceiling talks wham happens when washington meets kindergarten. -- >> reporter: we are indebted to the debt ceiling for make politicians testy testy. >> president obama quit lying. >> i think mitch mcconnell lost his mind. >> and you think this mess started 18 months ago? no it didn't. >> reporter: a democrat gets firey a republican mocks her back. >> i think we will have to extend the space shuttle for an extra day to retrieve the thought process it got so far in orbit. >> reporter: the politicians are not the ones stuck in the room with a debt talks taking place. since cameras are not allowed in the negotiating room we can only imagine the annoyance the exasperation and tension. >> temperatures began rising. >> that negotiations turning nasty. >> and angry president shoves the chair back and walks out. >> seems like the president had a, well, hissy fit. >> when it came to blows
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between kantor and the president. >> reporter: almost came to blows? that's overblow as comparing the debt talks to the real house wiebs of new jersey. -- wives of new jersey. -- house wiebs of new jersey. >> -- housewives of new jersey. >> crazy out of her mind. >> reporter: remind you of nem. >> i think mitch mcconnell lost his mind. >> reporter: his plan got bashed by both sides. >> it's called. >> reporter: and the president was compared to a popeye character. >> reminds me of the cartoon character whimpy where he says. >> i will gladly taste you tuesday for a hamburger today. >> reporter: literally a food fight. >> we might as well do it now eat our peas. >> eat our peas like kids. >> i got a big plate of peas and i ate all my peas. and so now it's the president's turn to cut federal spending. >> reporter: boehner says
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deeing with the democrats is -- dealing with the democrats which is jello. >> it's slippery and slimy. >> if you mix peas in it. >> reporter: never mind the debt ceiling. be glad there's no blood on the ceiling unlike al capone in the untouchables. >> i get nowhere unless the team wins. >> reporter: made a politicians of the debt talks take a back to the budget. jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> all right. well he has a day off from the debt talks negotiations but that doesn't go for everyone else. president has begin congressional leaders until tomorrow morning to come up with an agreement other says they will spend the free time at the white house this weekend. >> i am willing to work with everybody including eric kantor to solve problems. and you know, my relationship with all the leaders has been cordial and it has been
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professional, but i think at a certain point the american people run out of patience. if they think that people are playing games and not serious in terms of solving problems. >> tensions have been obviously high between the president and house majority leader eric kantor. according to a democratic i'd said nothing. the president will talk about the progress of the debt talks this morning in a news conference. house republicans and democrats will meet later on this morning at the capitol. minnesota's government shutdown is a thing of the past. the governor says the state will be back in business very soon after top republicans agreed to end a budget impasse. the deal to erase a deficit came with great sacrifices from governor dayton who agreed to drop the idea of new income taxes and other issues. comcast is cutting off one of its internet customers for a year. they said the customer had exceeded the data limit twice in the past couple months and
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data useage went far above what theaverage user needs and the useage was the equivalent of down loading more than 62,000 songs in a month. and is the job market finally improving? new numbers from the labor department showed that maybe the case according to the feds. fewer people sought unemployment benefits last week which is an encouraging sign. weekly applications dropped to the lowest level in almost 3 months and maryland has one of the biggest drops with unemployment claims dropping by more than 1200. no one is sure what caused the drop. here's a crazy story. three young girls hoping to sell lemonade were told they were breaking the law because they didn't have a business license. they were trying to raise money to go to a water park but the lemonade stand was shut down and they were told they needed a business license and food and vendor's permit to set up shop. they are doing extra chores and yard work to earn all that extra money. and you may remember when that happened here at home, montgomery county police shut down a lemonade stand in june
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for the same reason. the kids were not forced to pay the $500 fine but could no longer sell the lemonades and were raising money to fight pediatric cancer. so rough. >> do you and ashley plan this our producer? we started with food and government and ended with food and government. i paid attention. >> if it's to choose between food and government. >> you would pick food? >> they shut down the kids they were selling lemonade for a good cause. >> they didn't have to pay the money because i am sure they would have gotten a lot of donations. >> next there's complaints because there's too much sugar in the lemonade. let's go outside and show you a shot from harford county last night from kevin novak, the full moon officially this morning around 2:30. when i think of full moon, i think of the song i found my thrill on blueberry hill and makes me think of richy cunningham and happy days.
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janice is excited because her son is coming home from camp and can do his own chores. you can tell jack we said good morning. tracy, jessica you are watching,a full moon often a sign of changes? well, we have a nice change of pace for a couple days. gorgeous weather. holding at 65 in baltimore. and low #0s on the eastern shore. and 50s popping up. the heat humidity is deep south atlanta 73. 78 in memphis. and 76 in st. louis. and the other side of the bondry. a stream of high clouds here. no big deal. part of upper level winds and the gray here a little trickery. i think they reajusted the settings on the infrared satellite but we are looking at conditions war eastern wind may provide showers up 95, philly, trenton, new york could find out this afternoon. we could find more clouds at the beach on saturday. partly sunny this weekend and
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it should be nice. 85 today. not as crisp as yesterday. generally clear skies and seasonable overnight. tomorrow, about 87. a partly cloudy sky and heading out to the beach, i am doing this fast for you, but i want to squeeze this in. 81 today. upper 70s with more clouds tomorrow and mid-80s on sunday. >> reporter: route 222, 95 southbound at 222, we have a bad collision there in cecil county. all the southbound lanes are shut down. 95 southbound past 222. this is the jfx at the 41st street overpass. no problems downtown. nothing in your way. on the inner loop, harrisburg expressway, we have some debris still in the road. be careful traveling the inner look. roadwork 95 southbound after 395. joce. >> are you sick at the wait at the airport? most people are. tsa is trying to help. they have a new program made for passengers that are in a
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herry. what it is and how it -- hurry. what it is and how it can help you. and it could be called the black friday of housing. what's the rush all about and why? we will explain. we will look live at the capitol in dc. a beautiful morning 4:53. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 a.m.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. if you a frequent flyer, the t airport security as quickly as possible and anouned a pilot program that could speed up airport screening. it will roll out in the fall and only applies to certain frequent flyers on a couple airlines and in a handful of cities. don't get too excited. if successful, the tsa would likely be expanded. scary moments for pass gorse on two planes at boston's logan airport. -- passengers on two planes at boston's logan airport.
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a plane clipped the tail of a commuter jet. passengers felt a bump but no one panicked. a passenger complained of a neck injury and was taken to the hospital. the others were bused back to the terminal and put on other plights. and this you have to see it to believe it. hundreds of dallas residents scrambling for what could be the black friday sale of housing. people started lining up the night before to get an application for the federally subsidized vouchers that will pay a portion of their rent. it looks crazy there. when the doors opened, applicants started to rush the line causing the scene you see here. they were spripting. there were -- sprinting there were 5,000 applicants for 3800 vouchers. 8 people were hurt in the rush. every courthouse is equipped with a metal detector. but that's not stopping some people from trying to sneak in weapons in one ohio courthouse. one security officer has seen it all. the security officers say the simplest of items has been turned into the most dangerous weapon but metal detectors are
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catching them. the weapons are used for law ep forcement training because they are just so unusual. now "good morning maryland." two security guards shot in northeast baltimore. this morning, new details on what may have led to the gunfire. meantime, a. new effort to get weapons off the streets. who is hosting a gun buy back this weekend? >> reporter: many harry potter fans turn out to see the final installment. coming up, a look at opening night. good morning. i am joce sterman, megan pringle and charley crowson has the morning -- have the morning off. let's start off with meteorologist justin berk. >> i love a good time-lapse and we have a fantastic spot. every morning i get to show you something interesting from the naval academy. we couldn't have picked a better day for the middle of summer to do just about anything outdoors. we got rid of the humidity. blue skies and a good wind,
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comfortable temperatures. the sailboats are out from annapolis. watch this as we squeeze 12 hours inhere a lot of sailboat activity -- in here. a lot of sailboat activity. they will watch the cloud buildup. see the low cumulus clouds coming in on the middle of the screen and the high level cirrus clouds mixing in above that. we got a shot of the full moon over the severn and chesapeake. this morning 69 degrees at the navel academy. winds -- naval academy. barely a push there with winds but we have had a peak gusts at 18 miles per hour. winds not as brisk as yesterday. underneath the big dome of high pressure you usually get sinking air. we will have very pleasant conditions this morning. 65 bel air. good morning for a run. friend are getting out -- our friends are getting out for ajog i am sure. 59 in western howard. and overall, we have


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